Central Station Services

Alarm Monitoring:
Our Central Station facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year with highly trained professional operators. When an alarm is activated at your Home or Business, a signal is transmitted to the Central Station via many different means. In some cases, this may be via Telephone Lines, Long Range Radio, Direct Connection thru leased lines, or even the internet. Our fully computerized equipment in our Central Station processes these signals and displays the pertinent information to Dispatch Emergency Personnel and notify the home/ business owner, or their designated representative.
  Long Range Radio
We offer all types of long range radio technologies.
Alarmnet "A"
This is a conventional one-way radio that consists of a transmitter in your home or business. In an alarm condition, it transmits a signal to a repeater, the repeater or repeaters forward the signal to the Central Station.
This is a true antenna to antenna wireless solution that eliminates common phone line problems. It is UL Grade "A" Listed.
Limited coverage area, may need larger / higher antenna
Alarmnet "M"
This is similar to Alarmnet "A", however this network uses 2-way transceivers and also has a very large coverage area throughout the United States.
2-way Transceivers ensure all signals are confirmed as received. This is also a true antenna to antenna solution and qualifies as UL Grade "AA".
Higher monthly service cost and increased transmitter cost.
Alarmnet "I"
This system consists of a transmitter connection to your Home or Business Alarm System. It transmits packet data via the internet to the Central Station.
Always on Connection. Qualifies for UL "AA" Rating, fully supervised connection, very fast transmission speed, works behind Internet Firewalls.
Higher Transmitter costs, Must have an always on internet connection (Like DSL or Cable).
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